Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 24

Day 24 ~ On my mind

Attended this KK Concert on 22nd June, with HR, Rachna and Akil and had a great time.
He is just amazing, so energetic and such good singer.

#photoadayjune : Day 23

Day 23 ~ Movement

This is the only thing that comes to my mind what I think movement

Monday, June 25, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 22

Day 22 ~ High Angle

Went to see Teri Meri Kahani and in the theatre saw the poster for Brave. Definitely want to see this.

Friday, June 22, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 21

Day 21 ~ Where I slept

#photoadayjune : Day 20

Day 20 ~ Fav Photo I have ever taken

This is the morning of my last day in Chennai. I left that afternoon. It was a very emotional day for me. I didn't sleep the entire night and took this photo early morning. I was leaving Chennai to move to Delhi. Chennai, the place where I did my graduation, where I started working, where I made my closest friends. The place where I met HR, the place where I fell in love with him. So many memories with the place. My time in Chennai was the best and the worst time in my life. My life completely changed after I moved from there but I know if I stayed on there it would have changed anyhow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 19

Day 19 ~ Imperfect

is nothing. Nothing is imperfect. Things might not be the way we would like them to be but nothing is imperfect.

PS : This is just a personal opinion.

#photoadayjune : Day 18

Day 18 ~ Something you didn't know about me

Something you didn't know about me, I have migraine. There are times when I have the ones that I can tolerate and I just pop in a disprin. But there are times when they stay for the entire day or somethings the hangover of it stays for couple of days. Migraine is a pretty bad thing to have I'll tell you. It's difficult to fit what caused it and how long will it stay. Poor HR, when I have headaches he is usually by my side all the time cause I don't let him go away and he is always pressing and massaging my head for long lengths of time when I have bad headaches. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 17

Day 17 ~ In my bag

I am a freak when it comes to cleanliness. I always have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag ( and also in big one at home, one in the car, one in my office locker and another small one in my bedroom night table drawer). I use it all the time when I am out of the house, when I am in the house. This one time was the height when me and HR went to this not so great looking place to eat and I was so freaked about the plates etc not being cleaned that I cleaned the plates, spoon  and glasses that we used with hand sanitizer before. I can forget anything but not the hand sanitizer. When you use it in public, people give you the kind of stare which says, "Yeah right, who does she think she is anyways". But what the hell I am a freak about keeping my hands clean. 

#photoadayjune : Day 11-16

I have been sooooooooo late I am putting all together here  Days 11 - 16. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 8

Day 8 ~ 6 O'clock

Finally friday, lying down on my bed staring at the view, through curtains, outside. Watching the brightness outside dimming down, as the sun sets. What could be a better start to the weekend.

Friday, June 08, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 7

Day 7 ~ Drink

What could be better than water to drink.

#photoadayjune : Day 6

Day 6 ~ Hats

Never owned a hat, never wore a hat. I don't think I have ever seen someone in reality wearing a hat too (I am not counting seeing someone on TV or on the internet or in a magazine,  wearing a hat as one) But I want to buy a similar hat and actually wear it. I know everyone will make fun of it and HR the most, but still.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 5

Day 5 ~ Sign

Fire Extinguisher sign in my office floor. Of-course the only thing missing is the actual extinguisher with with. But it's still a start right, putting the signs at-least.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

#photoadayjune : Day 1

Day 1 ~ Morning

Friday morning, late to office, a quick fix for breakfast. Nutella sandwichs, what could be better than this.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Thank you Chantelle !!

I am taking the June challenge too.  Can these photo challenges make my blog classify as a photo blog ? That's a tough one I would say. But what the hell, I may not be a good photographer, but I sure as hell love doing this.

It gives a new meaning to each day, something to look forward to. And I have Chantelle, from FatMumSlim, to thank for.

So it's the June's Challenge list, for reference the picture below gives a sums up.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 31

Day 31 ~ Beautiful 

I saw this recently on pinterest and totally fallen in love with it. It is just soooooooo soooooo beautiful. I would just love to have it in my home.

#photoadayMay : Day 25

Day 25 ~ Unusual

I am posting this late I know but for the life of me I could not get any photo to put for this day.  Damn was there nothing unusual in my daily routine life. Now that's quite boring.
But well I found something, HR helping me with the laundry, that definitely was unusual.
The photo just shows the end result, not the process as such.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 30

Day 30 ~ My Personality

Oooo that's a tough one.  Mostly people would say I am charming, sweet, polite, strong and blah blah. ( Psst... I am being humble here :D )
But I would say my personality is like a, maybe dormant, volcano, calm and serene most of the times but never know when the lava would come splashing out.

PS :: ssshh it's supposed to be my secret personality streak, don't tell anyone.

#photoadayMay : Day 29

Day 29 ~ A number

Working on a laptop full day, it had to be a keyboard key.

Monday, May 28, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 28

day 28 ~ The weather today 

Awesome weather today morning clouds, cool breeze. It was so beautiful perfect start for the week. But didn't feel like getting up from the bed. :(

#photoadayMay : Day 27

Day 27 ~ Something sweet

I made Atta ka Halwa. Now what would I call it in english Wheat flour semi solid pudding / fudge, this is the best that I can come up with. And it turned out to be a little too sweet :D not that HR minded that. He loves Indian sweets. And I like desserts like Mousse, fudge, pies, tarts, cakes. HR does not enjoy those much. So the rare times that we go out for a dessert he just eats it so that it doesn't go waste, cause I can't eat the whole things. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 26

Day 26 ~ 12 o'clock

Day 26 was a Saturday, a holiday. And me and HR were chilling out and lazying around for most part of the day. After having breakfast my maid came, after she left we just sprawled on the carpet in our living room, we watched tv, slept, woke up again watched tv till the time our stomachs started growling for food. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 24

Day 24 ~ Something New

HR ordered these online for me. I wasn't sure about them when I saw them online but when they came they turned out to be really good. They are long, light, bright and attention seekers just the way I like my earrings. 

#photoadayMay : Day 23

Day 23 ~ Technology

I think this the best, it makes you feel closer to someone who is sitting miles and miles away. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 20

day 20  ~ Something I can't live without

I am a self confessed coffee addict. I cannot, simply cannot, live without coffee. 

#photoadayMay : Day 19

Day 19 ~ My Favorite Place

Can there be a better place than a bed. I love my bed. 

#photoadayMay : Day 18

Day 18 ~ Something I made

I am not creative to make other things, I am happy making breakfast / lunch / dinner for HR and me. :D I made Upma for breakfast. It's the quickest and lightest breakfast me thinks.

Monday, May 21, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 17

Day 17 ~ Snack 

Ouch  on this one. These days I am trying, well at-least now I am trying, to eat healthy and avoiding quick snacks biscuits, fried stuff and other similar snacks (Well big secret, I need to really loose some weight). So these days I am snacking on apple and  butermilk. So far I have been able to control myself. 

#photoadayMay : Day 16

Day 16 ~ What I am reading

The latest book that I am reading. Oh in case you don't know I love reading, I own enough books to open  my own library. And that's not it. I read online. I borrow books from people. Whenever I can, whatever time I can spare I read. I just love reading. 

#photoadayMay : Day 15

Day 15 ~ Love

I tried refraining myself from putting a photograph of HR for this. And that got me thinking what else can I think of when I hear love. I asked myself what is love ? And then I got the answer that it had to be this. It is one of my favorite songs of all times.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 14

Day 14 ~ Grass

This is from the trip to Bangalore's Lalbagh garden. When HR was still in US and I was alone here my in-laws had come to stay with me till the time HR came back. That was the time when we, my in-laws and I went to Lalbagh.  This picture is from then. It was good day, though it was a pretty hot day we still had fun.

PS : Though in this photo one can hardly see the grass. But this is the picture I wanted to put up for day 14. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 13

Day 13 ~ Mom

Today is mother's day. Though it is good concept, but why should there just be one day to tell your mother that they are best in the world or tell them that you love them or make them feel special. But do we do it ?? We don't and hence they are all these special days so that we can, at-least, on that day make them feel special and tell them we love them and how much they mean to us. 
My mother is a real source of inspiration for me she is the most calmest and wonderful person I have known. She has a solution for every problem. Just on hearing her voice all the problems, confusions go away and everything becomes so clear. I love you Ma, Amma, Mom, Mummy, Mumma !!

#photoadayMay : Day 12

Day 12 ~ Something that makes me happy

Hmm a tough and easy one, cause so many things make me happy how can I choose one. Music is one of them, music, rhythm, melody it makes me happy really happy. But how can I take a picture of it. I am not all that creative so this was what I came up with best.

#photoadayMay : Day 11

Day 11 ~  Kitchen

Saw it in a magazine, this is like a dream kitchen for me.  Perfect use of space, though it'll be very difficult to keep clean as everything is white. But what the hell it sure is a beauty.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 9

Day 9 ~ Something I do everyday

Stand in my balcony the first thing in the morning to stare out. It has an amazing relaxing effect on me.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 8

Day 8 ~ A smell I love

It could not have been anything else than this. It's called Moonlight Path (Bath & Body works). It's been over 8 years when I first tried it and it has managed to stay the fragrance I love the most since then.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 7

Day 7 ~ Someone who inspires me

I can't choose one person who inspires my there are so many people, the top most being
1. my parents
2. my elder sister
3. HR (of course)

There are other people with whom I interacted with at some point in my life, maybe I still do, who inspire me. I believe that there is something in everyone we meet that we can learn and some good in everyone around us that we can adopt.

Monday, May 07, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 6

Day 6 ~ You (Ah as in me)

I was thinking for a long time what photo should I put for this one. I like myself in this one. The day it was clicked was a fun packed and pretty good day. 

Saturday, May 05, 2012

#photoadayMay : Day 5

Day 5 ~ Bird

Well, a bird is a bird it can be alive or a cloth made one :D
I love these hangings on sides of my house windows. 

#photoadayMay : Day 4

Day 4 ~ Fun

Dancing. It is always fun for me. I might be in the crappiest moods but play me a good dance number and that's it I am having the time of my life.