Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Begining...Bangalore....

When HR (my husband) and me decided to move to Bangalore from Delhi we knew the change would be difficult and we had to be strong. The change was inspired and driven by the greed to grow professionally ( and hoping financially too :P ). And both of us knew that it would be pretty difficult. Leaving home, leaving Delhi was tough. The decision itself was tough, leave alone the actual change. It was only when I had to leave Delhi I realized how used to Delhi I was ( just to mention that when I had initially come to Delhi, I didn't like it at all ) and how much I was going to miss it. I was so comfortable in Delhi, so cosy. Delhi has everything family, relatives, friends and home. And the biggest positive for Delhi, my sister.

But here we are in Bangalore, searching for a place to stay and start our new journey. Will someone believe me if I say that finding a place to stay (rent) is very very very difficult in Bangalore. It tests your patience beyond bounds and you learn to make compromises on so many things. But the good part about Bangalore, as everyone would agree, is the weather. Escaping and missing Dilli ki Sardi at the same time though.

New city, new life, new people, new house, new faces, leaves me longing for the older things back and yet fills me up with an excitement for the new. Such contrasting emotions, is it me or does it generally happen with everybody.

So many things happening at the same time. And so much do in such less time. Such upheaval in life and yet such calmness. Sometimes when I sleep in the night I wish that when I get up in the morning everything should be fine, all issues and problems solved, everything settled and fine. But then when I open my eyes in the morning they are there in front of me again.
Bangalore seems to have done some magic to HR's sense of humor. He simply loves making fun of me ( Huff Puff ). And does not spare me in front of anybody. But since we have come here his sense of humor seems to have improved, even his jokes. And I actually laugh when he makes fun of me now ( instead of freaking out and being angry ) as opposed to before. So I guess Bangalore has had it's effect on both of us.
What I am missing in Bangalore right now is the Sarojani Nagar and Lajpat Nagar of Delhi. Does anyone know of their Bangalore counterparts ? So much to buy and so less money to spend, what will I do ?

I'll start liking ( or, being optimistic maybe loving ) Bangalore in due course of time I know. But it's still a new start and it still is long way to go......

Thursday, August 18, 2011


They say that change is always good...but is it really ? I have a mixed opinion on it. I think it is very subjective to what the change is exactly and who is on the receiving side of it. If the change suits us then it holds true and it is "isme kuch accha hi hoga", if not then "isme kya accha ho sakta hai ?" If it is not me who is at the receiving end of the change then the response is always "Jo hota hai accha ke liye hota hai".
My mother strongly believed in this quote. And to a certain extend I have tried to learn that from her. But still at many times I get irritated and say "isme kya accha ho sakta hai". I have always got the answer to this but after a good patient wait. Something in me has changed drastically and I am still trying to figure it out. But there is so much changing around me, that I am sometimes in a lost state of mind. I keep telling myself that it is for the good and people around me are telling me that too. But that small little thing in my head still pops up the question that "Is it really good ? ". I hope I figure it out soon, cause I am running out of patience as well.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Believe me !!

If there are rains, my hands will cover you. If there are storms hold my hands and I will take you away. If there are hurdles hold my hand and I'll help you cross them.
If I hold your hand will you believe me when I say that I will walk on all the roads with you forever. If I hug you will you believe me when I say that I will stand by you whatever life may give us. If I tell you that you can cross all the hurdles will you trust me and do it. If you are weak I'll give you my strength. If you are lost I'll find you the way. If you are sad I'll give you my happiness. If you cry, I'll wipe your tears. If you are alone I'll stand by with you. If you are happy I'll laugh with you.
I Love You I really do !! But do you know that, do you really believe that I do. Please believe me. If you don't believe me then I am nothing. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Thought 1: Oh I need to finish that project task list.
Thought 2: Shit I forgot to keep something sweet for his lunch.
Thought 3: Damn there is nothing at home to make salad for tomorrow.
(Checking mail at the same time, seeing a mail)
Thought 4: Oh no, I totally forgot about doing this.I'll do this right away before I forget again.
Thought 5: But I am in the middle of a bug fix.
(Intermission by some one coming)
Person : This is not working, please check this.
(And the person stands on the top to see that I do it right away)
Thought 6: Shit, there goes my bug fix.
Thought 7: Oh God time for going home, I don't want to make it late again.
Me: I'll check and let you know.
Person: Okay.
Me get back to bug fixing. Checking mail a new bug has been put.
Thought 8: Oh Shit, I said I'll look into it, why a bug !!

Thought 9: And I am late again today. There is so much left, what am I going to do !!
Thought 10: Get Lost everybody can just hang themselves. Everything can wait, I am going home.
Thought 11: Oh Shit I was supposed to call didi and I forgot, she'll understand.
Thought 12: And Ma had called I was supposed to call back. I'll call later, she'll also understand.
(sign out...........)