Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You were always on my mind.......

On of my all time favourites.....

Elvis Presley - Always On My Mind

Maybe I didn't treat you
Quite as good as I should have
Maybe I didn't love you
Quite as often as I could have
Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasn't died
Give me, give me one more chance
To keep you satisfied, satisfied

Maybe I didn't hold you
All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you
I'm so happy that you're mine
If I make you feel second best
Girl, I'm sorry I was blind

You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind

Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasn't died
Give me, give me one more chance
To keep you satisfied, satisfied

Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time
You were always on my mind
You are always on my mind
You are always on my mind

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And it's rains again....

Whenever I hear the pitter patter of the rain drops on my window why do I have to think of you. But I do, and I re-live the walk we had in that heavy rains, with me grasping for your hand on every step. I was so afraid of taking the steps and you just walked ahead so sure of yourself and the way. It was so hard for me to concentrate on the steps I was taking and stop staring at you. But it was difficult, very difficult. And I fell , and again I had to stop myself staring at you while you laughed.
You walked holding my handing all the way back to my place. I was on a high. Do you know how many times I have re-lived those moments in my mind, loving your closeness and your warmth in that cold cold night. I think I fell in love with you again that night.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dance as no one is watching...

"Dance like no one is watching, 
 love like you'll never be hurt,
 sing like no one is listening,
 and live like it's heaven on earth."
- William Purkey

All the time in our life we keep wishing, thinking and longing for things that 
we do not have. We look forward for a time and when the time comes we 
look forward for something else. We keep on thinking that the life will would 
be better and happier if we have a better job, more money, a bigger car, a 
nice house and the list is endless. But in all this wishing, thinking and 
wanting we loose what we will never again get, the present. And we might 
wish to re-live what we had before and we cannot, but when we did have 
it, did we really enjoy it ? Did we live that moment, that time up ? 
After the present is gone no one can get it back. No one what is going to 
happen in the next second also, so why not live and make the best of the 
present one ?

I am a big cribber, whenever I crib to my mom, she always tells me "Don't 
say like that. You don't know what moment God would grant you what you 
are wishing for. Instead of thinking about what you don't have, think about 
what you have and enjoy it. There is no happiness anywhere, we have to 
create it form within ourself."

I accept I don't listen and follow what she says very often myself, but I try
to whenever I can. And when we feel happy about the smallest of things 
also, life seems easier to live and all problems seem small.

Ending with a random quote I read somewhere " Happiness is a journey,
not a destination ", let it be your thought for the day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just for you !!

Many a times I think why did I love,
and there are times I think why did I ever meet you.
But then again sometimes I think if I had not met you
would I have existed ?
You make me smile, when I cry.
You understand, when I crib.
You make it right, when everything around is wrong.
You are sun for all my darkness, the rise for all my stoops.

I don't tell you very often this, but
Life with you is as wonderful as you are !!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

How deep is your love....

And the moment that you wander far from me
I wanna feel you in my arms again

And you come to me on a summer breeze
Keep me warm in your love
Then you softly leave
And it's me you need to show
How deep is your love?

How deep is your love
How deep is your love
I really need to learn
Cause' we're living in a world of fools
Breakin' us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to you and me

Beautiful song, touching every corner of the heart.....so true....if only the real meaning underneath is understood.....

Friday, July 30, 2010

The long tunnel...

Wherever I looked you were there, you were in every person I saw, I met.
Whenever I cried I knew I had your shoulder,
Whenever I was sad, I knew you were there to make my laugh,
Whenever I had to cross the dark dense jungle, you were there to hold my hand.
You were there to take me home, when I lost my way.
You were the light when my way was dark.

Now when I cry I will not have your shoulder, I try to call you from my
heart, but I can't find it, you have taken it away with you. 
There is just an emptiness which you have left behind. 

Now I stand in this long dark tunnel, and I look back, I don't see you.
And ahead lies the lonely journey through this long dark tunnel, which I don't see the end of.
But I just wish you were there beside me to hold my hand
and tell me that we'll make it through.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What If .....

Lying on the bed in the night I think
What if  I were not me...
What if I had not met you...
What if you had not gone so far...
What if I had told you how much I love you...
But we did meet...
You did go far so far...
And I did not tell you how much I love you...
And it hurts like a knife in my heart...
And then I hear someone talking about you...
And my heart starts pounding...
And for that time everything in the world
just stands still...
And again I think what if I had told you I Love You...
But in the end I realize that I cannot go on living in the what if world..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dum Deee Da Dum....

Hmm....in a nice mood am I ??? Nope I am not..but happy that after such a long time I am writing again...I just read a post and I borrowed ( ;) :P ) it to post.........But I think it's okay cause the person, from whose post I am "borrowing" it also in turn "borrowed" it from where.
It is completely random and weird. But I totally loved it.

  1. Graduated high school.
  2. Kissed someone.
  3. Smoked a cigarette.
  4. Got so drunk you passed out.
  5. Rode every ride at an amusement park.
  6. Collected something stupid.
  7. Gone to a rock concert.
  8. Helped someone.
  9. Gone fishing.
  10. Watched four movies in one night.
  11. Lied to someone.
  12. Snorted cocaine.
  13. Smoked weed.
  14. Failed a subject.
  15. Been in a car accident.
  16. Been in a tornado.
  17. Watched someone die.
  18. Been to a funeral.
  19. Burned yourself.
  20. Run a marathon.
  21. Cried yourself to sleep.
  22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day.
  23. Flown on an aeroplane.
  24. Cheated on someone.
  25. Been cheated on.
  26. Written a 10 page letter.
  27. Gone skiing.
  28. Been sailing.
  29. Cut yourself.
  30. Had a best friend.
  31. Lost someone you loved.
  32. Got into trouble for something you didn't do.
  33. Stolen a book from the library.
  34. Gone to a different country.
  35. Watched the Harry Potter movies.
  36. Had an online diary.
  37. Fired a gun.
  38. Gambled in a casino.
  39. Been in a school play.
  40. Been fired from a job.
  41. Taken a lie detector test.
  42. Swam with dolphins.
  43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show.
  44. Written poetry.
  45. Read more than 20 books a year.
  46. Gone to Europe.
  47. Loved someone you shouldn't have.
  48. Used a coloring book over age 12.
  49. Had a surgery.
  50. Had stitches.
  51. Taken a Taxi.
  52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once.
  53. Been in a fist fight.
  54. Suffered any form of abuse.
  55. Had a pet.
  56. Petted a wild animal.
  57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it.
  58. Dyed your hair.
  59. Got a tattoo.
  60. Had something pierced.
  61. Got straight As.
  62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.
  63. Taken pictures with a webcam.
  64. Lost something expensive.
  65. Gone to sleep with music on.

Today's count 29/65 I would love to have over 60 crossed on this list someday.