Friday, September 21, 2007

Cricket Mania !!!!!!!!!!!

Have been, more than a few times must say, called not a true Indian. Why ? Just cause I don't enjoy, even remotely, cricket and think it is stupid and absurd. Oh come on get a life, everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Why can't I enjoy football or tennis instead of cricket. When everyone around is shouting asking what's the score, when a match is going on, if I say whatever why am I given those dragger in the eye looks. Yeah agreed it's nice to know that the Indian team a match ( for the very few times they actually do ) and yes I was happy when India won the 20-20 world cup. But do I have to watch every match and every ball and every strike to be happy that India won, I don't think so.
Everyone in my family is a big cricket fan and whenever there is a match going on it's IMPOSSIBLE to hear, watch or talk anything other than cricket. For that matter 99% population of India does that and yes ofcourse eat and drink cricket too.
Just a random question thrown in this big space of world wide web, Why is it such a big crime not to like cricket ?? .

Saturday, June 02, 2007

here we go again !!!

And back again here sitting in my office in front of this monitor, should be working instead of writing this. Would be really funny if I say that I want a break, when I just came back from 5 days break......Went to Chennai for 5 days, and yes I did say Chennai. Funny, people would go to hill stations and cooler places to beat the heat, nopes but I would rather go to Chennai, which let me tell you is super hot at this time....But it felt so good to be back there, to visit all the places there where I used to go....Chennai hasn't changed much in the past 6 months....but the lives have...met my ex roomie...can't say how much I have missed her...saw the house where I used to stay....and I still miss that house so much....right next to the beach, a peaceful house, where ever one goes in the house the beach can be seen. Didn't realize how much I missed all that till I went back this time and had to part with it again...the beach mostly..for me it has always symbolized peace and clarity and much disturbed and perturbed I was it has always calmed me in all ways....And then ofcourse there was the Satyam cinemas, where I have seen countless movies some times back to back....and then there was CCD (Cafe Coffee Day - The coffee chain) where I have spent numerous hours just sitting and yapping and listening to songs, watching tv ( I saw the world cup there :D). Met my friends there. Also went to my old office, not many people I knew are left there, but still was good to see the many memories attached to the place....If asked what is about chennai I miss the most, don't think I'd be able to name just one or two.....And now I am back here sitting in my chair writing this post instead of working, high time I get back to it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Will it change !!!!

Born and bred in UP but never felt this way about the living in Noida for the the past 4 months is making me feel....go on the roads and you will not feel like walking....irrespective of the fact that you love wont feel like driving..even though you love driving...The roads, if you can them so are so full of ups and downs that you don't have to go to an amusement park for that bumper ride.....And there is an eternal traffic jam at all the places all the time......Anyways I use rikshas (that's the main mode of transport, of-course next to buses here), as they are called, to commutate....and I must say these people think they are driving a Harley Davidson or something with all the zig-zagging and zooming that they do...and of-course traffic signals and rules aren't for them..uh uh...asking them to follow them would be like a big insult to them.....and the attitude they throw is like as if they own the world....all the common man, for that matter anyone, can do is just crib and crib...cause nothing is gonna get caught driving without a seatbelt or talking on the mobile....all you have to do is just give the police wala a 100 Rs note and he would have temporary amnesia and wouldn't remember you doing anything wrong...
Maybe I am being a little to strict on this place...this the situation everywhere...but little more prominent here.....but then again am I being little too strict I don't think so....It's always been like this....and will remain so......never change....but then still you can't help questioning Will it change ...??

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Watever !!!!

Did you ever wonder why we nowadays so often remember Murphy and his quote(s) so much...
Is it that it has become that way or is it that our perspectives have changed.....would rather believe it to the latter one....
Went home for the long weekend......and needless to say how heavenly home is....
Saw this one movie which I had been wanting to watch for a very long time.....Traffic Signal.....quite a depressing movie must say...but makes you wonder that nothing is what it looks to be.....sometimes you just do not know what to and what not to believe and trust....
but does that mean you stop trusting and believing....been pondering over this since then.......


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


( Couldn't think of any other title, hence this )

"If music be the food of soul(love), play on" -- Shakespeare
Sitting on my chair, staring at the computer screen, pretending to be working, boy it can
be tiring at times. But what gets me by is the music coming from the earphones in my ears
(duh uh where else will they be ).
What would this world be without music....